23 May 2016: exercise


After I got back from the gym( chest and biceps), Katie came over at 1230 for great Yoga!

Then we went to Crocker Park (first time for me there since Sept), where – after buying Keurig accessories at Bed Bath and Behind –  I took Sharon’s iPhone to the Apple Store for a little TLC (mail works again!), and she went to Talbots, to return a dress.
We are going to the wedding of the decade this coming weekend, and in trying on dresses, she found that  one she had one order would have been too large, so she tried on and bought three new ones, and a new pair of shoes!  (Not many things cheer up a lady like new clothes.)
We had supper at the Cheesecake factory, which – like most factories – features “mass production”…

Monday 29 December 2014:two kinds of exercise…


I did Yoga with Jen – on my new mat from Allen and Sarah –  then went to the gym where I trained chest and biceps primary.

Lunch was drive through Wendys, and dinner carry in from Bob Evan (Sharon still ill).

I finished Woit – Not Even Wrong, and read in Bhagavad Gita.

Had a live Russian session on Rosetta stone.

Monday 28 July 2014: Yoga makes everything go well!

Jen on the right!
Jen on the right!

Began the week a great way: yoga  with Jen!
I studied Russian and Cosmology, and blogged my FreeThought , and Charlog blogs.
We ran errands: dry cleaning drop, ATM withdrawal, and then had lunch at Panera,and food shopped at heinen’s, in preparation for grilling at home.
Studied Lamp, and that was the day here.

Meanwhile, MINI takes the states started in San Fran.


Tuesday 15 April 2014: eating, learning, appreciating, filing, and exercising



Woke to a spring snow – as predicted:

15 April 2014  Cherry Lane  Avon Lake OH
15 April 2014
Cherry Lane
Avon Lake OH

We had breakfast at Athena in town, and then I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubadours, where – after I composed an email – we started a conversation with a beautiful young woman named Mary – she visits Inner Bliss Yoga!

Troubadours Coffee in Fairview Park OH with Mary
Troubadours Coffee in Fairview Park OH with Mary

We went to our CPA, and finished our 2013 taxes.

Had a quick lunch at an Arby’s, and Sharon had a bone density test at the Clinic (Avon).

We prepared the guest room for actual guests:


guest room
guest room
guest room
guest room

I rode my stationary bike for 40 minutes = 9.9 miles, while watching a program on gravity & general relativity.

Thursday 27 March: Yoga, salads, hair, a martinus, and Schumann by von Dohnanyi


I  was yoga with the most lovely Jen – http://www.innerblissyogastudio.com/staff/jennifer-yuhas – who yogatized me from 11-12, then Sharon and I rushed off to
lunch @ ruby tuesdays, where it was salad bar, and then over to HeadQuarters Salon – http://www.hqsalonspa.com – where the most lovely Kim – just off the DL – did our hairs.

On to late afternoon, while on the way over to Severance Hall we stopped at the Clifton Martini and Wine Bar, where I had a martinus, and we both had good meals.
On to Severance, where Christoph von Dohnanyi led the Symphony in Schumann’s 4th and then 2nd.

Back home, study physics, Russian, and watch Jon Stewart, etc.

(N.B.: Martinus?  This word looks like a 2nd declension Latin noun, the plural of which would be, martini …)