Saturday 7 March 2015:organization, learning, and exercise

Prof Carroll
Prof Carroll

In the basement, the xmas closet is done, and luggage and some boxes have been moved.

I had a russian lesson, and rode my bike for 30 minutes while listening to Sean Carroll lecture on quantum physics.

Wednesday 6 March 2013: In search of…


We had breakfast here at the hotel – part of our package.  The restaurant is a study  in disorganization, which one picks up when the third person arrives and inquires.

I  sat on the beach and read “The Particle at the End of the Universe” by Sean Carroll on my iPad, simultaneously absorbing knowledge and ultra-violet photons.

We had lunch at Frigates – a waterfront view.


After lunch. I sat on the beach again, reading “The Universe Before the Big Bang” by Gasperini.


I then walked on beach with Sharon



As wednesdays are wine wednesdays in the bar, we had two rounds, and then off to dinner at max & eddies italian –