Monday 21 July 2014: Yoga, PHP, and Russian

Good reasons for Yoga!
Good reasons for Yoga!

Sharon and I had yoga with Jen, and I studied history and blogged in CharLog during her session.

Sharon with Jen
Sharon with Jen

We had lunch at Red Robin and food shopped at Heinen’s.

I studied php, and Russian.

Sunday 18 May 2014: good learning; bad dinning

Peet's Coffee and Tea in Avon
Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Avon


I arose, made breakfast (reheated leftovers), and Studied Russian.

For lunch it was reheated leftovers, and then off to pick up prescriptions at CVS before my Russian Lesson with Daniil at Peet’s, which went well.

I reviewed my lesson, and then we decided to revisit an old favorite for supper: Sweet Mellia’s

 in River.   Our experience was sub optimal:

o The hostess – filling a carry out order -ignored us, saying (reluctantly, after a few minutes of watching us stand there) that she would be with us soon – just before we went across the street.  She should have said that as soon as we arrived, and we should have gone across the street.

o She then – displaying the warmth normally reserved for lepers -seated us at a table that was filthy.

o Some of the silverware eventually placed on the table was unclean.

o Our favorite item on the menu – chicken noodle soup – has been dropped.

o The young woman who waited on us was friendly, but ordered me a roast beef instead of a corned beef, lengthening our dine.

o The customary water bottle was never given to us.

 o The insipid interruption of our meal by a QA supervisor did not happen – one time when we needed it.

No, it was not crowded; yes I left more than 25%, never is our next time back, and have a Nice Day!

Watching Cosmos made the week end on a high note.


16 May 2014: Good exercise and great learning

Between Lera and Nadine at Troubadours.
Between Lera and Nadine at Troubadours.

After getting up, I blogged in, and then it was off to the gym, where I did 37 sets: 13 on back; 10 on triceps; 7 on wrists; 3 on external obliques; 3 on abdoms; and 1 on calves.

Time for a quick shower, a quicker lunch, and then off to Troubadour’s in Fairview Park for the high point of the day: a Russian Lesson with Даниил, Валерия, и Надя.


Daniil, Lera, and Nadine
Daniil, Lera, and Nadine
lera, nadine
lera, nadine


Sharon went to the gym and then worked on Women’s Club finances all day.

We had dinner M & E’s, and I stopped for custard for Sharon at Fenicks.

I studied Russian – reviewing today – and then for a break, quantum mechanics.

The past 7 Days – 10-16 May – have flown by: I have been on a natural High, induced by beauty, culture, arts, achievement, and friendship…

Seven Days, Seven Days in May, which I shall treasure all of my years…

(N.B.: Seven Days in May was a cold war novel – different theme!)

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Friday 14 March 2014: Celebrating Pi and Dr. Einstein; and choosing between a Princess and a SuperHero.

i eight sum pi...
i eight sum pi…

Today is Pi day: 3.14, and – poetically -also the birthday of Albert Einstein.

For those who don’t realize the connection,  Prof.  Einstein’s Gravitational Field Equations – below – contain PI.

R_{\mu \nu} - {1 \over 2}g_{\mu \nu}\,R + g_{\mu \nu} \Lambda = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu} \,.
(N.B.: for those still awake,  this post lightens – I promise…)
(N.B.: for those who wish more –

After email processing and blogging, I had a dental appointment: the delightful Kerry Kleaned my teeth, and the knowledgeable Richard Reviewed my root canal.

Because of my diminutive oral aperture, I use a child’s tooth brush, and selecting one, Kerry – savouring the moment –  asked:”Do you want a little Princess or a SuperHero?”



little princess
little princess?

(Unable to gracefully articulate the sensation of a ‘little Princess’ in my mouth, I went the Super Hero route.)  Lunch was at the Rustic in River, then a stop at a Starbucks to study for my Russian Lesson, which was at Troubadours Coffee on Lorain Rd. in Fairview Park.  After that lesson – still at the coffee shop – I was conversing with two co-eds (female undergrads) who were enjoying Spring Break..

(They had come into the conversation because we were looking for something purple, and one had on purple slacks, which she and I agreed were not royal purple, but ‘girlie pinkish purple’. )  As she seemed open to conversation, I asked  her where she went to College.

“OWU, in Columbus.”

“OWU is in Delaware, North of Columbus.”

“Most don’t know, so I say Columbus.”

The other said:”Notre Dame”.

“South Euclid or South Bend?”

“South Bend”.  I asked them their majors: OWU was drama (“would you like fries with that?”), and ND was computer science.

At that point, revelling in the synchronicity of this serendipitous  moment,  I pulled up on my iPhone  a list I had just seen –,

where the entry

Computer Science (For a straight girl): the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Struck a Cord: the CS major could not get the smile off of her face – she said that the description was right on!

(N.B.:for more majors,  one might click the above link…)

Question: what is the chance of meeting a straight female CS major, when that list is fresh in one’s experience?  Coincidence, Cosmic Karma, or the product of compound probabilities?

Answer: Everything is the product of compound probabilities.

Back home, as the temp was about 288 K, we went on a cruise in our MINI Cooper S through the Rocky River Reservation, and then ate the evening meal at Burntwood Tavern.

Wednesday 28 March 2012: Russian, politics,landscaping, and classic cars

I got up early to participate in a webinar with Rosetta Stone on my Russian language studies.

At noon, it was the weekly Democrat lunch.

On the home front, I organized in the den, and Avon landscaping was here to plant new things, spread mulch, and prep the flower beds.

Flower bed in front
New holly's on North side.
Burning bushes in back yard.

In the evening it was loco brits: we had a presentation on the Garford Automobile.