24 November: Russian, viewing, and exercising…

Combining Russian with a Mini...
Combining Russian with a Mini…

I did 4 exercises on Rosetta Stone, then I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Peet’s,.

Read and watched football, and then studied more.



Friday: Finally November!

fall in our front yard
fall in our front yard

I worked out at Fitness Edge, and then met Daniil at Peet’s for a Russian lesson.


Sharon and I drove to Legacy – I had coffee at Starbucks and studied mathematical physics, while Sharon work on OFWC issues.

We walked around, and then ate dinner at Claddagh Irish Pub.

I rode my cycle for 30 minutes.


Sunday 27 Oct 2013:learning, politicking, and some exercise


(The above photo is from the Cleveland Orchestra program of 24-6 Oct 2013)

After preparing myself for close encounters with other humans, I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Peet’s, and then Sharon and I went to Sherrod Brown‘s spaghetti lunch in Lorain.

I studied Russian, watched football and baseball, and rode my stationary cycle for 30 minutes.

Sunday 29 September 2013: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Our tickets to Wednesdays playoff game
Our tickets to Wednesdays playoff game

After I helped load our car for Sharon’s trip to Springfield (shower), I went over to Avon Lake High to work our AL Dems table.

Angie Caprara and child
Angie Caprara and child

(In an ‘it is a small world ‘note, our son Allen and the above Angie went to home coming about 20 years ago, and 48 years ago, her Mom – a classmate of Allen’s Mom (and my wife) Sharon – was homecoming queen at Vermilion High.)

I then went over to Jodi Mayer’s house, where I admired the finished product I had helped kick off earlier this week.

An upper birth for a midget tub...
An upper birth for a midget tub…

Then I went home, and multitasked by:

o Reading Russian and Quantum Physics while

o Listening to the Browns Game, and watching the Browns and Indians – R E M O T E S!.

o Loaded material from yesterday’s event into the caterers car (when she came over)

When the Browns game was over, I switched on the radio broadcast from the Browns to the Indians, with the TV on same.

Finally, Three out in the bottom of the 9th!  It was a great win, and a great sports day in town!  I was euphoric, between the Browns two game turn around, and the Indians 27 game (21-6 in Sept) , and 10 in a row streak, how sweet it was.  (I have endured more than most)… I dressed in garb, and went to my Russian lesson, to interact with the Only Person in Town who really didn’t care about the games – my Russian tutor.  The lesson being completed ( we read from Shape magazine – Russian edition), I headed in full Victory Celebration over to the sports bars in Crocker, and was the only one who cared…

(I might add I don’t know how many times this year I had to make an effort to get public houses to turn on the Tribe games!)

I went over to bar Louie – same story, different intake

It was celebration I know...
It was celebration I know…

30 July 2013: Dialing, dancing, dining, and cruising

I made calls for Senior Voice.

Sharon had lunch with an old friend, I went to the Winner’s Circle to get some parts, had lunch at PJ McIntyres – where the bartender knew me from Fitness Edge, and then went to Superior Medical to get my PSA measured.

We had a dance lesson with Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom – cha-cha, and rumba.

Our dance instructor Anya with her dogs...
Our dance instructor Anya with her dogs…

Then – since today is National Cheesecake day – we went to The Cheese Cake Factory – where I saw another man from Fitness Edge behind the bar.  http://locations.thecheesecakefactory.com/oh/westlake-93.html

Back home, Ed Mayer and I went for a little cruise to Huntington Park in Bay Village – he in his 74 Midget, me in our 1960 Mini.

1960 Austin 850
1960 Austin 850

I rode my bike for 30 minutes, and studied Russian.

11 June 2013: politics, dancing, dining, and …

Our Senior Voice meeting  went well this AM.

I had lunch at the Rustic, and then a dental appointment.

The mirror for our bath arrived:



We had an excellent dance lesson with super teacher Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom (http://www.avonballroom.com/Avon_Ballroom/Welcome.html), and then dinner at wood/wine.
I blogged some on Mini, studied Russian, and rode my bike for 30 min