24 November: Russian, viewing, and exercising…

Combining Russian with a Mini...
Combining Russian with a Mini…

I did 4 exercises on Rosetta Stone, then I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Peet’s,.

Read and watched football, and then studied more.


16 May 2013: Topless cruising, dancing, and 3 forms of exercise

At the gym, it was back and triceps emphasis, then home to make lunch.

Sharon and I went on a cruise in her Mini Cooper S Convertible.


We had a dance lesson at Avon Ballroom with Anya, and then came home, and grilled supper.

I studied Russian with Rosetta Stone, and then rode my exercycle for 20 minutes.

I made popcorn for us.

6 May 2013:Exercise and shopping

At the gym, it was chest and biceps.

I brought lunch home, and the we went out to…shop!

Drug store, Rock Pile (birds), Radio Shack, and Heinen’s

I had bought a new coffee maker (1 cup) on Groupon, for about 20% of list.


We grilled out, and then I got some work done on our 1960 mini – see http://www.our1960mini.com

Tired, but rode the exercycle for 20 min.

I also studied Russian via Rosetta Stone.


2 May 2013: Dealing with bureaucracy, dancing, and helping the local economy.

After getting documents out of our safe deposit box, we went into Lorain for Sharon to work on her medicare app, and while waiting, I visited the Gardens of Charleston coffee shop – where I ran into local pols.

Meanwhile, back home, a new window was installed in our bathroom.


We shopped for food for us and the birds, had lunch at red robin, and then a dance lesson with Anya at Avon Ballroom.

After that, we bought office supplies at Office Max, and ate supper at the cheesecake factory.

I studied Russian with Rosetta Stone.

Today  – under helping the local economy – we shopped at  Sun hardware, The Rock Pile, Heinen’s,  Office Max,  and Discount Drug Mart; ate at Gardens of Charleston, Red Robin, and the Cheesecake Factory; and had a dance lesson at Avon Ballroom.