November 12 2013: 11/12/13


I did some organization, blogging, and ordered a holiday present.

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, and then went to my haircut with Kim at Head Quarters.

Then it was shopping for food and groceries at Heinen’s.

We had supper at the Melting pot, and enrolled at another dance studio, as our old one seemed to have gone out of business.


Tuesday 22 Oct 2013: A bit of this, and a bit of that…

In the AM, I went to Cleveland Hts. to give a presentation for Senior Voice.

Cleveland Hts Community Center
Cleveland Hts Community Center

After lunch, I had a hair appointment at Headquarters, with Kim.

Back home, I took our 1960 Mini out for a cruise, and stopped over to visit Ed Mayer.


We had a dance lesson – Rumba – with the lovely Anya Kwan, at Avon Ballroom.

Then it was off to the monthly Avon Lake Dems meeting, where Rachael DeGolia spoke on the ACA.

Tuesday 8 October 2013: Blood, Politics, Ballroom, and Shopping

"Solo on the Dance floor" - at Avon Ballroom
“Solo on the Dance floor” – at Avon Ballroom

I went to a lab to get blood work done, and headed downtown for a Senior Voice meeting,

We had a good dance lesson with the most proficient Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom, and then headed off to Crocker Park where we ate at Cheesecake Factory, and shopped at Clark’s and Eddie Bauer.

I rode my bike for 20 min at home.

Tuesday 17 Sept 2013: Politics, people, eating, and dancing

I went down to local 310 for a Senior Voice meeting, and then went over to my former employer – Jones Day, where I saw some old friends.

With Melissa Vlaseck if front of Jones Day
With Melissa Vlasak in front of Jones Day

Sharon and I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s – salad bar! – and then I had my hair done by the lovely Kim at Headquarters.

We had a dance lesson with the lovely Anya at Avon Ballroom, and then dinner at danny boys in River

Rode my bike again.

Tuesday 23 July 2013: A busy, varied day!

I began the day with some (needed) organization, and then made some calls for Senior Voice.
Sharon and I ate at Ruby Tuesday’s, and then got haircuts from Kim Soto at Headquarters Salon.
We had a dance lesson with Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom, and then rushed over to the Avon Lake Democrats Annual Summer Picnic, where keynote speaker David Pepper – our next attorney general – gave a great talk.

The crowd at the Lake House.
The crowd at the Lake House.
David Pepper addressing the audience.
David Pepper addressing the audience.

Back home, I studied Russian for  20 minutes, and rode the bike for 25.

11 June 2013: politics, dancing, dining, and …

Our Senior Voice meeting  went well this AM.

I had lunch at the Rustic, and then a dental appointment.

The mirror for our bath arrived:



We had an excellent dance lesson with super teacher Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom (, and then dinner at wood/wine.
I blogged some on Mini, studied Russian, and rode my bike for 30 min

21 May 2013: getting ready for June 19, working on Mini, and dancing with Anya Kwan!

I blogged, and worked on the next AU program.

Our bathroom upgrade is moving on.


We had a dance lesson with Anya at Avon Ballroom.


I acquired some new tools to use on Mini, and Ed Mayer came over and helped.

We grilled out.

I made progress on removing the old paint this soon will be beautiful!