The 30th of July 2014 – Wednesday:learn, enjoy, and buy drugs…

Avoid skin cancer!
Avoid skin cancer!

Today I studied quantum mechanics (Susskind), general relativity (Wheeler), and Russian.
After picking up two prescriptions at CVS, I organized in the den, sorted out my post,  and planned for our Lorain County British Car Club meeting in the evening.
I worked on our 50th class reunion, and blogged.

The meeting (locobrits) went well, and we have 3 new members.

I am following MTTS on FaceBook.

still in the West
still in the West
Various cup sizes along the trail...
Various cup sizes along the trail…

Wednesday 28 March 2012: Russian, politics,landscaping, and classic cars

I got up early to participate in a webinar with Rosetta Stone on my Russian language studies.

At noon, it was the weekly Democrat lunch.

On the home front, I organized in the den, and Avon landscaping was here to plant new things, spread mulch, and prep the flower beds.

Flower bed in front
New holly's on North side.
Burning bushes in back yard.

In the evening it was loco brits: we had a presentation on the Garford Automobile.

Wen 26 Oct 2011:Exercise, Organize, Occupy, and – at the End of the Day – Pay It Forward…

In the morning I went to the Fitness Edge in Avon Lake (Ohio) for a workout (hips, legs, shoulders, calves, and obliques).  My wife Sharon was training there as well.  Then, Having Prepared myself for Close Encounters with other Humans (shower,etc.), we went to Bob Evans in Avon, Ohio for a late lunch.  The mid day repast having been consumed, I  went down to the Labor Hall on Euclid Ave (in Cleveland), where we of Senior Voice! gathered and marched to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to demonstrate against SB5 by asking all to vote No on issue 2.

At The Hall:

At the Board

We were joined by Occupy Cleveland (who had just won a big court victory), and we stood and demonstrated together!


N.B.: if any think ‘99%’ is hyperbole, see

and then went back to the hall, where we were greeted by Harriet Applegate (, and had a meal.

It was an uplifting First Amendment experience, as we had people  – in the same room, who had organised: in the early civil rights days;at the start of the women’s movement; and labour over the decades  – in discourse and exchanging experience and knowledge with these most admirable (mostly) twenty some things who are picking up the torch.  As I had a meeting at 6 in Grafton, I had to slip out early, but I can say that in some small way, I was part of Occupy, and perhaps more to come.

Made a few stops, and then over to Grey Hawk Gulf course in Grafton for our monthly LocoBrits Meeting (British Car Club, – of which I am treasurer. On the way, I received a call from one Bill Reitz, asking about our meeting.  He arrived (from Stow!), and joined in.  As we were leaving, he started his 1980 Mini, and  – as we were listening to it run – it hesitated , and abruptly stopped.  We thought it might be out of fuel.  Two men stayed, and I ran Bill over to a station where he bought a can and filled it with fuel.  We added same to tank: still no start.  We observed we that had heard no (fuel pump) click,  and  – as it started to rain – Brad Babcock diagnosed that the fuel pump had indeed decided it was a good day to die.  Too late for parts.  (It was perhaps better it happened there in the lot of the Gray Gull rather than a bit down the road!)  We went in to inform management  why this little car was going to occupy the premises overnight.  I  drove Bill from Grafton over to Northfield (where his wife was sitting with their grand kids), and then drove back home to Avon Lake. (About two hours, vs 35 min just to Avon Lake).  Thanks to Brad and Dennis Pastron for their parking lot help: Bill will always have fond memories of our members, and I expect he will be a friend for years to come…

(N.B.: I have a 1960 Mini).

Won First in Class British Cars at Shaker Sq, 2010

(N.B.: update on Thursday: Bill found an exact replacement for the fuel pump, installed it in the parking lot, and  in the rain.  It started right up, and he drove the 1980 Mini home to Stow: all’s well that ends well…)

The Daily Show was on when I got home, and for the second consecutive day, I bought a book for my iPad authored by  the guest – Lisa Randall.  (As adverse as I am to buying a book with the ‘H’ word in the title.)

Prof. Lisa Randall, Cosmologist

Dr. Randall doesn’t look like either a Cosmologist or a particle physicist you say?  A cosmetologist, perhaps?  Death to stereotypes, I reply: everyone is an individual.  That a person looks like a movie star does not imply they cannot be very intelligent; and that a person is highly intelligent does not imply they cannot be very attractive!  (Usually, however, that is a safe bet…).  Exceptions include Ms. Randall, Lawrence Krauss, and my friend Michelle Lukco, among others, such as the late sex symbol, Carl Sagan.

At the End of the Day: much variety; much varied activity; and – above all – the self-satisfaction that one only realises from contributing. “In the Game of Life, the Score is kept within our Psyche, and what we do for others means more than what we do for our selves.”  (Aphorism 1987, cf pervo)