22 March 2016 – Tuesday

Some of my friends at Dance Sport Cleveland...
Some of my friends at Dance Sport Cleveland…

I had a medical consultation with a surgeon,and then Sharon and I ate at Sorrento’s.

In the evening it was dance with the lovely miss Julie: waltz, foxtrot, triple time swing, and rumba, and then our Avon Lake Dems meeting.

The first of September: Autumn arrives; dancing; and politics


(Me dancing in competition in 2013, above).

We ate at Perkins, I had a PSA test (blood work), and we shopped at the rock pile and cvs.

The early afternoon brought a haircut with Kim, and the early evening, we had a great dance lesson with Julie: Bosa Nova; bachata; foxtrot; and Rumba.  Then I went to an organizing meeting for Sanders for President, below.

Tuesday 25 Nov 2014: gym, doc, dance

Ballroom music
Ballroom music

We got up at our campsite, got ready, and went home, to learn that at 3am the trees had been cut off the wires.

step 1 - cut off of the wires
step 1 – cut off of the wires

I went to the gym, saw my PCP, and then we had (finally my foot is ready!) a great lesson with Julie, ate at Jakes, and went camping again in Westlake, where we watched the finals of DWTS

I studied Quantum Physics (bra kets)

Thursday the 28th of August 2014: blogging, dancing, and eating

MTTS ending 10 August
MTTS ending 10 August

I got up late, and blogged in lifeofcharles,charlog, and freethought.

We shopped for food,  and for a wheel barrel at lowes.

I did a number of chores: stripped the bed,checked the lamp post, and replaced the batteries in the outdoor temp sensor.

We had a good dance lesson with Julie: foxtrot and rumba.

Grilled  out steak, watched games, and I rode my bike for 30 minutes.