23 May 2016: exercise


After I got back from the gym( chest and biceps), Katie came over at 1230 for great Yoga!

Then we went to Crocker Park (first time for me there since Sept), where – after buying Keurig accessories at Bed Bath and Behind –  I took Sharon’s iPhone to the Apple Store for a little TLC (mail works again!), and she went to Talbots, to return a dress.
We are going to the wedding of the decade this coming weekend, and in trying on dresses, she found that  one she had one order would have been too large, so she tried on and bought three new ones, and a new pair of shoes!  (Not many things cheer up a lady like new clothes.)
We had supper at the Cheesecake factory, which – like most factories – features “mass production”…

Wednesday 22 May 2013:Anthropologie,L’ Occitane, with a B-Spot before

I worked on the Americans United forum to be held on June 19, arranging for speakers.

We went into Rocky River to care for (son) Allen and Sarah’s cats, and then stimulated the local economy by shopping at:

Pet Supplies Plus (West Bay) – for the above cats

And – for the updated bath:

Bed, Bath, and Behind ( Promenade)

Athropologie  (Crocker Park)

L’Occitane (Crocker Park)

We ate at B-spot in between.




Back home, I studied, participated in an OFA conference call, rode my bike for 25 minutes, and made us popcorn.

Friday 5 April – more dancing and socializing

Got up very early to dance at 0737: Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot.

I wore a yellow tie and Anya a yellow dress.

Anya and I before smooth dances
Anya and I before smooth dances

The members of the studio came out at that time to be with us and support me – Thanks!

A man who sells gowns and accessories at the event complemented us on how well my tie matched Anya’s dress.  “Thank you”, I replied.  How did we accomplish this feat?  By making both her dress and my tie from the same bolt of cloth?  Actually, I took a photo of her dress on my iPhone, took it to Men’s Warehouse in Avon, and bought the only sold yellow tie in the store – my kind of artistry, and my clothes were bought in Avon Commons – across I-90 from the studio!

(It might be noted that when I looked at Anya, I felt as if I were dancing with Audrey Hepburn on her 21st birthday…)

I ate breakfast, and then danced again – same dances, higher level.

As we walked off, Anya said she was very proud of me…  “Let this moment linger…” (From “Faust”, by Goethe)

mdc fri 9am35

We were second each time.


The group of us watched others compete.

Karen and Gordon
Karen and Gordon


My friend Elaine




Some of us went over to TGIF for ‘high tea’.



.Anya and Bob were our last dancers

Bob and Anya
Bob and Anya

We ate pizza in John’s room,


watched lots of great dancing, and I learned that the music and dancing are better when you are all done!


There was a reception at midnight, and the event came to an end for us.


.Great event, and I will take losing ground on my Russian studies for two days.


“We will have these Moments to Remember”  (Four Lads, mid 50’s)

Monday the 25th of February 2013: Lifting, dining, and dancing under a full moon

Tibet - 12 week old Komondor
Tibet – 12 week old Komondor

At the gym,  chest and biceps primary.
We had lunch at the Rustic in River, after buying a 10 pack of tribe tickets.

We had a dance lesson with Anya at Avon Ballroom, and she had her new dog, named Tibet a Komondor.


Anya, Tibet, and Sharon
Anya, Tibet, and Sharon

We danced Rumba, learning a new pattern.

We had dinner @ cabin club – the second log cabin restaurant today!

There was a great full moon, but my iPhone did not do it justice.

full moon
full moon

Tuesday 10 April 2012:root, cable,mini, tango, and a fine dinner

It was up early for a 9am appointment to complete a root canal, and then I obtained material an equipment from D & S for Mini.
Back home, our tv cable was fixed: animals had chewed through the cable…

We had a dance lesson – tango – and then a fine dinner at woodfire grille – http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/16/1586736/restaurant/Cleveland/Avon/The-Wood-Fire-Grille-Avon-Lake

Sun 18 Dec 2011: Coffee, conversation, decorating, drinking, and cheering

Gathered with several friends (Mensa) at Root cafe in Lakewood for coffee and conversation, and then met Sharon at Houlihan’s in Westlake for Brunch.

Back home, we decorated our (secular) holiday tree, and then I went to Viva Fernando in Westlake, for their annual hard core customer appreciation party.  (N.B.: hard core refers to the customers, not the party).

I had a great time, seeing old friends, drinking DeWars (not just for breakfast anymore), cheering on the Browns,  drinking DeWars, seeing young friends,  drinking DeWars,  eating from the spread, and closing the day with coffee – as it had started.

We all got to pick a present from the tree: mine was a tee shirt, several sizes small. (It’s The Thought That Counts, but Size Always Matters!)

My friend Michelle made a take home cookie pack for Sharon, and it was certainly a good day in the neighborhood.

Monday 28 Nov 2011:Daughter departs; LAMP installed; and iPhone upgraded to 5.0

Valerie leaves for Columbus in the AM.

Valerie's Subaru heading home...

Sharon and I had lunch at the vintage cafe.

I worked on organizing in the garage, and got a new heater.
I installed LAMP on this system, and
updated the default web page.
chores: renewed Miniworld sub and Hagerty insurance for Mini – see http://our1960mini.wordpress.com/
I updated Sharon’s iPhone to 5.0.1 IOS