Sputnik Day 2014: Mohawk Valley Days


We got up in Rome NY, and went over to historic Ft. Stanwix, where we were absorbed in history,

Fort Stanwix - exterior
Fort Stanwix – exterior
inside Ft. Stanwix
inside Ft. Stanwix

We then traveled over to the Oriskany battlefield.


We had a very nice, scenic drive through theCatskills to our best western in Colbolskill NY, where we turned on the TV to see the end of the greatest road comeback in NFL history.

(N.B.: on Oct 5, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the space age by placing the first artificial earth satellite in orbit.)

Tuesday 27 Dec 2011: pushing, pulling, dancing, and learning, plus washing dishes.

After taking care of some issues, I went to the gym, where it was chest, biceps, neck, wrists, obliques, and calves.

Arriving back home, I reduced our abundant supply of leftovers by reheating some for lunch, and then I installed a xmas gift: Rosetta Stone.

Left then for our dance lesson (rumba, tango), with Anya at Avon Ballroom.  Our daughter headed back
for Columbus, and after the lesson we ate at Strip in Avon.

Back home, it was lesson 1 on RS, then I washed our mammoth supply of used dishes, preparing some for my assistant from GE.

Played on FB, including a post on the 47th anniversary of the Browns win over the Colts for the NFL championship…

(if a Super Bowl had been played that year, it would have been Cleveland vs Buffalo…)

Jim Brown in 64 championship game, courtesy of the PD


I switched out my old gym bag for a new one, and then prepped the house for our cleaning contractors.