Wednesday 28 March 2012: Russian, politics,landscaping, and classic cars

I got up early to participate in a webinar with Rosetta Stone on my Russian language studies.

At noon, it was the weekly Democrat lunch.

On the home front, I organized in the den, and Avon landscaping was here to plant new things, spread mulch, and prep the flower beds.

Flower bed in front
New holly's on North side.
Burning bushes in back yard.

In the evening it was loco brits: we had a presentation on the Garford Automobile.


Friday 10 Feb 2012: From the Fitness Edge to the Avon Ballroom

I went to the gym (Fitness Edge) for my Friday work out: back, triceps, and misc.

In the evening, we had a lesson with Anya at Avon Ballroom: Rumba, and Waltz.

We had dinner at the Vintage Cafe also in Avon, and then back home, I studied, rode my bike for 20 minutes (3rd form of exercise today), and then made popcorn with my new popper.

I also published on this blog an article I had written in July of 2007, on May of 1958.

Thursday 9 Feb 2012: fine dining and fine arts…

I got up even later than usual, and we had breakfast at IHOP in Avon, and then went food shopping at Heinen’s, across the way.

At 1330 hrs, I had a webinar with Rosetta Stone on my Russian language studies,and then rode my bike for 60 min, as I knew I could not in the evening.
We had dinner at Pier W in Lakewood, and then went to a Cleveland Orchestra Concert at Severance Hall:
Mahler’s Fifth Symphony and choral songs about night by Franz Schubert.