11-15 May: Days of Wine and Roses

post commencement…

11 May was my 75th birthday!

I opened the present that I had received from my brother – an old football game we had played as boys…

Foto electric football: the last and best gift from my brother…

My Russian tutor Daniil is receiving his MBA from CSU on Sat 13 May.

His Mother and godmother came in (from Russia and Connecticut), and we enjoyed company.

I love formal commencements, and this was no exception.

In the Hall…
Daniil, Lera, and I

Skyline in the background…

Daniil with Mom and friends…
Mom and son are proud…

Sunday was Mother’s day: we had brunch with Allen and Sarah, and visited their new condo in Battery Park.


We visited Allen and Sarah’s new apartment in Battery Park.

view from roof of new condo

On Monday, I took the two shopping, and we walked and looked at scenery.

Lera and nadine at north point



April 2017

Birthday PI – the highpoint of the month!

April began with Sharon’s birthday: Kerry and Katie baked an apple pie!


birthday dinner in Vermilion…

Allen and I moved Mini out of winter storage and put her up on the new jacks.

We continued to train at the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, do yoga with Katie on Tuesdays, attend concerts at Severance on Thursdays, have dance lessons with Julie on Friday’s, and I had two Russian lessons a week with Daniil.

gallery of coffee! At Troubadour…
Babe holds it all together


3-31 March 2017: winter ends, and spring arrives

Birthday PI – the highpoint of the month!

We continued with gym, yoga, and dancing each week.  Highlights of the month included A birthday/PI day pie which Katey and Kerrie (Yoga and babe watch) baked for Sharon.

On the medical front, I had a good test for circulation, and my other medical tests went well.

In addition to my reading (pleasure/pursuit of knowledge), I am studying:

o linear algebra

o topology

o abstract algebra

o quantum loop gravity

o Russian lanuage

and reading Prof Krauss’s new book:The greatest story not yet told.

A political highlight was our AL Dems meeting on 28 March, in which we honoured our elected official officials.

Lorain County Dems

I am working in the shop, organizing fasteners and other components.

padding in shop