Sept 1-30 2017

DSW?  No  – the devil wears these…

On Sept 1, I installed a new Linux o/s on my laptop: Red Hat Fedora 26.


We prepared for our rip to Vancouver BC, leaving on Wednesday 6 Sept 2017, with a United flight through to Chicago.

On the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th we did yoga with the lovely and hyper-empathetic Katie.

Katie and friends in Vegas: an array of trim, shapely, slender, beautiful brunettes: they left before the slaughter.

We left on the 6th: CLE-ORD-YVR

At O’Hare, we were apprehensive about the connection, as it can involve switching terminals: we came in at gate C21, and left from gate…C21!

In Vancouver, went through customs and then a long but fast moving queue for a taxi.

Hotel is downtown in a nice area – I spoke some Russian with staff.

View from our hotel window.

Vancouver: hills; high rises; urbane and sophisticated.

On the 7th, I found I had left a prescription behind, and called my doc to phone in a prescription.  I learned that the pharmacy could not take an out of country prescription, so I had to make an appointment with an MD.

We took a tour on an open bus, which went around the entire city, including Stanley park and the Lulu Lemon HQ.

View from the bus.

We had dinner at a place recommended by the staff: Market.

At dinner.
more from bus

On Friday the 8, we went to the museum of anthropology.

folk art

The gift shop was a source of gifts for Kerry and Katie, who were caring for Babe back home.

On the 9th, it was raining, so we went shopping, and had dinner with our friends Dave and Sherrie.

In the early 1980’s, I sold a 1961 Austin Countryman – Mini Woodie – to a man here in Lorain.


Several years ago, I was contacted on Facebook from a man – Rick Higgs – in British Columbia who saw my name on the title, which he had traced.

He is restoring the car, which made it up to B.C.

in progress…

We were able to get together with Rick and a friend of his: he took us up Grouse mountain, where we had a nice lunch, and good conversation.

Another woodie


At lunch…
View from Grouse Mountain

On the 11th return

On the 12th, we had yoga with Katie, and went shopping for food to fill empty cupboards.

On the 13, our cleaners arrived, and we went to the gym and had lunch out.

cleaning crew…

The 14th took me to a lab for blood work, and then a hair cut with the lovely Kim.

My stylish stylist, Kim

Friday the 15: an appointment with my PCP, and a lesson of dance with Julie.  My numbers are better!

The weekend of the 16-17 I rested and had two russian lessons with Daniil.

Daniil, his Mom Lera, and I

The 18th was gym, the 19 yoga and the 20th gym and dancing,

On Friday the 22nd, we had lunch at PJ Macintyres , and I returned five library books.

Library books!
Lera helped choose.

Saturday the 23rd we traveled to columbus to visit with our daughter, and celebrate her husbands birthday.

We came back on the 24th, and I had a Russian lesson.

On the 25, it was train at the gym, clean the house in preparation for cleaners

Great yoga with Katie on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we drove Mini to Locobrits – she was great!  Brakes and motor best ever.


Patty an Curt helped hang new pictures and rearrange plaques.

Gallery Wall 1
gallery wall 2
after LocoBrits
rec room wall 1
bar room
rec room wall 2

Thursday was physical –  gym, then a dance lesson, and fine arts: we went to Severance Hall – first concert of season.

A quiet friday: 29 gym and shopping.

The last day of September: Russian lesson, rest, organize.

7-31 August 2017


On August 14, we got Mini working well and on the road.

After that, I cleaned and organized the garage.

On 12 dinner, we had dinner with Dave & Sherrie – her birthday celebration.

On the 10th, 18th, 23th, and 31st  we had dance lessons with Jullie.

Yoga was on the 14th, 21st, and 28th with Katie!

On August19-20 we watched Allen and Sarah’s cats, ahd had dinner with them on the 28th.

This month’s  eclipse was on the 21st.

Aug 28: computer trouble will replace ubuntu with fedora

30 Aug short cruise and drove to loco brits

At Bullfrogs

31 August I installed Red Hat Fedora version 19 on my zareason laptop.

31 July – 6 Aug 2017

four trips to the gym this week!

On the last day of the month – Monday  31 July – we had yoga with Katie – always great!

The Yogi!

On tuesday, I trained at the gym.

Wednesday also gym, and a trip to my podiatrist.

Dr. Debarr

On thursday gym, and a russian lesson with Lera.


Friday – gym again, and Russian again.

Saturday I relaxed, and made progress on Mini – started up and ran.

I also got some cleanup and organization done.

before cleanup


Sunday I worked in the garage, studied, and we planed our vacation.

scenic view


24-30 July 2017

On Tuesday 25 July, we had our annual Avon Lake Democrats Picnic – it was a big success!

We worked on mini, and on Wednesday Brad came over, and we (he) completed the right front brake.

Brad and I went to the LocoBrits meeting, where there we many great cars.

1953 XK-120
classic British

For my Friday Russian lesson with Lera, I went downtown to the CPL, where we checked out books.

Library books!
Lera helped choose.
Lera and a super hero!

On Sunday, I was able to lower Mini to the ground.

on the ground again.

17 – 23 July 2017: a lovely time…

In the past: MME!

I trained at the gym and had a dance lesson with the lovely Julie: cha-cha, tango, rumba, swing.

On Tuesday, the lovely Katie came over and we did great yoga!

Wednesday, our basement contractor (N.B.: not lovely…) came over for inspection and maintenance, I had a Russian lesson with the lovely Lera, and a political meeting in the evening.

Thursday, I trained at the gym, had a haircut with the lovely Kim at her new place, and then we went to Townhall with Allen, Sarah, and her lovely folks: Allen’s 40th!

Six at town hall!

On Friday I trained at the gym, we ate lunch at the Rush Inn Inn, shopped for food, and I had a Russian lesson with Lera.  I took her to Weber’s premium ice cream and custard afterward – frosted malt.  We grilled out (brats), and enjoyed the Indians 13-3 come from behind victory!

On Saturday – which is our dog sitter Kerrie’s birthday –  we had a surprise birthday party for Allen at Alley Cat on the East Bank: film at 11!

Some of the lovely guests!
Even more of the lovely guests!
Some of the lovely guests!


Some more of the lovely guests!
Some of the very lovely guests!
waiting for the GOH!
random lovely guest…

view of some of the lovely guests, enjoying a lovely view!

On the deck!
Some of the lovely guests!
The Center of it All!
on deck!
lovely view!
lovely people at lovely party!
After dinner activity…

Sharon and I went home, had dinner at  Bearden’s, and enjoyed the Indians 2-1 walk off win.

Tough act to follow, so on Sunday, we had a dugout suite at the tribe game!


last time I was this close, Allen was playing shortstop.
in our dugout suite!
rabid fans
side show!

Tribe scored early, and won 8-1.

Great Game!

8-16 July 2017 – cycling back to normal…

dance pattern

We are resting and recovering from the last two months – no new activity over the weekend!

On Monday, Katie came over for Yoga, and Village Lighting arrived to install our new doorbell, our new dinning room fixture, our new outdoor fixture, and a new GFI for the fountain.

new outdoor light on the side of house – dawn to dusk…
new dinning room fixture!


On Tuesday, I went to train at the gym, Sharon had a haircut at Kim’s new location, and we shopped at Heinen’s for food.

Wednesday, I went to two political meetings, was able to get our fountain working, and grilled out.

Our trophy from MME arrived in the mail.

Rhoda and I won this!

On Thursday, I trained at the gym and then we had a dance lesson with Julie.

We grilled out for the second night in a row.

Morris poster 1961
at blossom 15.7.17

On Friday, we trained at the gym, shopped for a few items, and stopped at Mitchell’s ice cream.

We grilled out for the third day in a row.

Allen came over on Saturday, and we worked on Mini.

I had a Russian lesson with Lera, and Sharon and I ate at Delmonico’s and heard a concert at Blossom.


On Sunday, I had another Russian lesson, Allen, Sarah, Becky, and Brad came over: we had burgers and corn.


3-7 July 2017: a celebration of life

view from our room – Hilton.

We rested/recovered on Monday and Tuesday 3-4 July, and then on the 5th we travelled to Minneapolis to participate in a memorial service for my brother Richard.

After we arrived and checked in – I spoke Russian with the clerks – we had dinner with Richard’s widow Karen, her brothers, her sister, and her sister’s husband.  Later, we went over to Karen and Richard’s house.

The Seven at supper – Karen short, dark hair.


At their home…

On Thursday, we ate breakfast at the hotel, and cabbed over to St. Mark’s Cathedral for the service.  Our friend Laura, who had moved from Avon Lake to Minneapolis  25 years ago, came to the service.

There was a formal interment, and I poured his ashes into a crypt….

After the service, there was a reception line, and it was interesting to collect the varied reactions from those who: did not know Richard had an identical twin; knew but had never seen me; and had not seen me for decades.

Karen, I, and Richard’s classmate Don Tubesing

Three of his classmates were there – one gave the homily – and all remembered me.

Afterwards, we had a meal at a Chinese restaurant in a strip mall.

That evening, we had dinner at Holy Land – a middle Eastern restaurant.

In Holy Land…
The Morelands…
six of us….
other views…
Sister Melanie and her husband

We said good bye, and in the morning, we had breakfast with Laura and her husband at Perkins, and then flew home, where Kerrie had watched Babe – our loyal dog.


21 May – 2 July 2017 – life moves on…

Babe and Sharon in Rhoda.

Richard’s Memorial service was scheduled for 6 July, and we made reservations.  We continued on with our normal and abnormal life.

Normal life is yoga once a week with Katie, workouts 3 times a week at the gym, two Russian lesson a week, finished our concerts at Severance Hall, and ballroom dancing once a week with Julie.

Our super yoga teacher!
lift and grow!
At dinner before a concert.

We had a nice trip to Columbus to celebrate our daughter’s birthday.

With Valerie and Bill.
I spoke Russian with our server!

In addition to the death of my identical twin brother, Sharon had three surgeries for melanomia, and I was preparing Mini for Mini Meet East – see

We ran into trouble, so I took Rhoda instead.

with Rhoda at MME.

On the domestic front, we upgraded our hot water heater to on-demand – 95% efficient.

so small it hangs on the wall…

16 – 20 May 2017…

My late Brother Richard

On Tuesday 21 June, I received an email from my brother’s wife Karen that he was in the hospital and in serious condition – he has chronic leukaemia.

I was busy with Sharon’s surgeries and getting Mini ready for Mini Meet East.

On Friday, Karen called me and we decided that I should come up.  Sharon made reservations, and I was packed and ready to go on Saturday morning, when I noticed I had a missed call.

It was from Karen: Richard had died just before midnight (CDT) on Friday 19 May 2017.

11-15 May: Days of Wine and Roses

post commencement…

11 May was my 75th birthday!

I opened the present that I had received from my brother – an old football game we had played as boys…

Foto electric football: the last and best gift from my brother…

My Russian tutor Daniil is receiving his MBA from CSU on Sat 13 May.

His Mother and godmother came in (from Russia and Connecticut), and we enjoyed company.

I love formal commencements, and this was no exception.

In the Hall…
Daniil, Lera, and I

Skyline in the background…

Daniil with Mom and friends…
Mom and son are proud…

Sunday was Mother’s day: we had brunch with Allen and Sarah, and visited their new condo in Battery Park.


We visited Allen and Sarah’s new apartment in Battery Park.

view from roof of new condo

On Monday, I took the two shopping, and we walked and looked at scenery.

Lera and nadine at north point