Oct 10-31 2017


Dance lessons, haircuts,  gym, yoga, Russian learning, and normal  activities in the early part of the month.

family dinner – Sapphro

Paul Sedar and I repainted the garage floor.

garage floor

On the 14th and 15th, Sharon and I participated in the annual LocoBrits Fall Colors tour.

touring in the fall in Northeast Ohio
lunch at malabar farms restaurant

We had an interior vapor barrier installed in our basement.

new wall treatment in utility room

For yoga, superstar Katie comes to our house.


On the 20th, Sharon, Babe, and I took a tour in our 1960 Mini.

Babe in back seat!

On the 25th I had a nice visit with the dentist, and on the 26th to my PCP.  He had me take am EKG, a blood test, a chest x-ray, and then scheduled an echo cardiogram. On his advice, I stopped going to train at the gym.

We got rubber bands for me to train at home.

On Sunday the 29, Sharon and I went to the annual Sherrod Brown Spaghetti dinner.

Concerts resume at Severance…


October ends with Halloween.

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