November 1-15 2017

those were the days my friends…

On Wednesday 1 Nov, we took our 2015 Mini Cooper S Roadster in for minor service.

top down!

On the 2nd, I had an echo cardiogram, and felt good.  I got more exercise equipment at Target.

On the fourth, we saw the movie LBJ – loved!


On the 5th, Allen came and we moved Mini into winter position. (see

Mini in garage

The 7th was election day: we voted,and I worked after the election.

Wednesday I went to an event for one of our commissioners – Matt Lundy.

The weekend meant Russian lessons at Troubadour with Daniil.

After the lesson

On the 13th I made progress on my Russian blog:

On the 14th I did yoga, a home workout, and physical therapy.


On Wednesday the 15th, I the appointment made with a cardiologist 20 days before.  He reviewed my test results, and scheduled a cath in preparation for a valve replacement, in December.

cardiac rehab, I expect






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