17 – 23 July 2017: a lovely time…

In the past: MME!

I trained at the gym and had a dance lesson with the lovely Julie: cha-cha, tango, rumba, swing.

On Tuesday, the lovely Katie came over and we did great yoga!

Wednesday, our basement contractor (N.B.: not lovely…) came over for inspection and maintenance, I had a Russian lesson with the lovely Lera, and a political meeting in the evening.

Thursday, I trained at the gym, had a haircut with the lovely Kim at her new place, and then we went to Townhall with Allen, Sarah, and her lovely folks: Allen’s 40th!

Six at town hall!

On Friday I trained at the gym, we ate lunch at the Rush Inn Inn, shopped for food, and I had a Russian lesson with Lera.  I took her to Weber’s premium ice cream and custard afterward – frosted malt.  We grilled out (brats), and enjoyed the Indians 13-3 come from behind victory!

On Saturday – which is our dog sitter Kerrie’s birthday –  we had a surprise birthday party for Allen at Alley Cat on the East Bank: film at 11!

Some of the lovely guests!
Even more of the lovely guests!
Some of the lovely guests!


Some more of the lovely guests!
Some of the very lovely guests!
waiting for the GOH!
random lovely guest…

view of some of the lovely guests, enjoying a lovely view!

On the deck!
Some of the lovely guests!
The Center of it All!
on deck!
lovely view!
lovely people at lovely party!
After dinner activity…

Sharon and I went home, had dinner at  Bearden’s, and enjoyed the Indians 2-1 walk off win.

Tough act to follow, so on Sunday, we had a dugout suite at the tribe game!


last time I was this close, Allen was playing shortstop.
in our dugout suite!
rabid fans
side show!

Tribe scored early, and won 8-1.

Great Game!

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