8-16 July 2017 – cycling back to normal…

dance pattern

We are resting and recovering from the last two months – no new activity over the weekend!

On Monday, Katie came over for Yoga, and Village Lighting arrived to install our new doorbell, our new dinning room fixture, our new outdoor fixture, and a new GFI for the fountain.

new outdoor light on the side of house – dawn to dusk…
new dinning room fixture!


On Tuesday, I went to train at the gym, Sharon had a haircut at Kim’s new location, and we shopped at Heinen’s for food.

Wednesday, I went to two political meetings, was able to get our fountain working, and grilled out.

Our trophy from MME arrived in the mail.

Rhoda and I won this!

On Thursday, I trained at the gym and then we had a dance lesson with Julie.

We grilled out for the second night in a row.

Morris poster 1961
at blossom 15.7.17

On Friday, we trained at the gym, shopped for a few items, and stopped at Mitchell’s ice cream.

We grilled out for the third day in a row.

Allen came over on Saturday, and we worked on Mini.

I had a Russian lesson with Lera, and Sharon and I ate at Delmonico’s and heard a concert at Blossom.


On Sunday, I had another Russian lesson, Allen, Sarah, Becky, and Brad came over: we had burgers and corn.


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