11-15 May: Days of Wine and Roses

post commencement…

11 May was my 75th birthday!

I opened the present that I had received from my brother – an old football game we had played as boys…

Foto electric football: the last and best gift from my brother…

My Russian tutor Daniil is receiving his MBA from CSU on Sat 13 May.

His Mother and godmother came in (from Russia and Connecticut), and we enjoyed company.

I love formal commencements, and this was no exception.

In the Hall…
Daniil, Lera, and I

Skyline in the background…

Daniil with Mom and friends…
Mom and son are proud…

Sunday was Mother’s day: we had brunch with Allen and Sarah, and visited their new condo in Battery Park.


We visited Allen and Sarah’s new apartment in Battery Park.

view from roof of new condo

On Monday, I took the two shopping, and we walked and looked at scenery.

Lera and nadine at north point


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