1-10 May 2017 Achievements


In May, we mad some progress on Mini, including 2 new tyres, which I added to the two new, unused I had, and I had all four mounted.

On the 4th, Sharon was able to take her friend Pat to Severance Hall for an opera!



April 2017

Birthday PI – the highpoint of the month!

April began with Sharon’s birthday: Kerry and Katie baked an apple pie!


birthday dinner in Vermilion…

Allen and I moved Mini out of winter storage and put her up on the new jacks.

We continued to train at the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, do yoga with Katie on Tuesdays, attend concerts at Severance on Thursdays, have dance lessons with Julie on Friday’s, and I had two Russian lessons a week with Daniil.

gallery of coffee! At Troubadour…
Babe holds it all together