3-31 March 2017: winter ends, and spring arrives

Birthday PI – the highpoint of the month!

We continued with gym, yoga, and dancing each week.  Highlights of the month included A birthday/PI day pie which Katey and Kerrie (Yoga and babe watch) baked for Sharon.

On the medical front, I had a good test for circulation, and my other medical tests went well.

In addition to my reading (pleasure/pursuit of knowledge), I am studying:

o linear algebra

o topology

o abstract algebra

o quantum loop gravity

o Russian lanuage

and reading Prof Krauss’s new book:The greatest story not yet told.

A political highlight was our AL Dems meeting on 28 March, in which we honoured our elected official officials.

Lorain County Dems

I am working in the shop, organizing fasteners and other components.

padding in shop