Sat 10 Dec 2016: Russian; food; jewellery, and visitors…

Violet and Babe
Violet and Babe

I studied Russian, and then on my way to my Russian lesson, I stopped at Honey Baked Ham, and picked up the entre for Sunday

After my lesson, I met Julie to pick up Sharon’s present (jewellery from Julie – two necklaces and two pairs of earrings ).

Bill, Violet, and Bill arrived from Columbus.

Monday Dec 12 2016

she also has a pair of gold earrings...
she also has a pair of gold earrings…

Babe got her 3 walks, and I shovelled the back porch.

We decorated in the living room – winter solstice.

Sharon wore her new jewellery to the Woman’s Club banquet, and I had an Avon Lake dems meeting on our web site.