1-5 Oct 2016:GOOD News!

Lunch at Mabels', on 4 Oct.
Lunch at Mabels’, on 4 Oct.

1 Oct: I studied and organized, preparing for tomorrow.

2 Oct: I had a skype Russian lesson with Lera: she in Volgograd, me in Avon Lake.

3 Oct: Gym, a dance lesson, and a bit of shopping.

4 Oct: Sputnik day: in 1957 Sputnik was launched – a big day in my life, because I became interested in science, and then math.  In 2015, on Oct 1, Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer.  later that month, the tumor was removed, and  then months of chemo and radiation followed.  Today, we had an appointment at the clinic: a mammogram, and analysis with the surgeon.  Result: disease Free!

We went to Mabel’s on E4 for lunch – happy day!

5 Oct: workout and dem lunch!


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