August 21 2016: British cars at Shaker Square

Mini's on the square...
Mini’s on the square…

I got up, observed the weather was clear, and washed Mini for the British cars at Shaker Square – 25th annual event.

Sharon and I went over, with no issues, and I pulled into my place and got my kit.

When I arrived I told Ken Davies (also 1960 Mini) about the problem, and asked about a remedy.  He looked at the clutch adjustment., and we observed zero freeplay.  (dah!)  As he was wrenching (I bring tools), I looked in the the drivers side and saw on the floorboard a clevis pin…
The clevis pins that hold the brake and clutch links to the brake and clutch cylinder pistons on a Mini are among the least accessible components in automotive history.  Somehow Ken was able to insert it, and using a temporary key which I improvised from a steno notepad binding, and using a leatherman plier, we patched it.
Ken working on car...
Ken working on car…
Checked the adjustment, all fine, as was the trip home.
At Ursuline, Ken had asked me if I might have a Austin bonnet badge.  I located same this week, and told him so on the phone.  He asked me what I wanted for it.  “Nothing – I wasn’t going to use it.”
I gave it to him today as soon as I arrived.
What goes around, comes around, and that’s why we car people stick together…
Sharon went shopping twice (legacy and lulu lemon), and we ate at Fire.
No problems going home.
Ate dinner with Allen and Sarah at Bonefish grille in Crocker Park…


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