Wednesday the 10th of August

A bit of London town...
A bit of London town…

I studied Russian, and went to the gym, where I trained legs and shoulders.

Ate lunch at home, and then I went to an appointment with the lovely Dr. Colleen Debarr, before heading to a Russian lesson with the even more lovely Lera!

We carried in from Fratellos.

the 9th of August

jacks ready for use
jacks ready for use

I blogged in LOC, and CL, then it was prep for yoga, and Katie arrived for same.
She was great with Sharon, telling how much she liked her hair and how she rocked the style!

Katie cuter, but no song yet...
Katie cuter, but no song yet…

Allen came over, and we worked on the new jack: some problems with documentation!

power supply
power supply

I studied Russian