8 July 2016: exercise, learning, and cultural expansion

The state theater on playhouse square in Cleveland
The state theatre on playhouse square in Cleveland

I trained back and triceps at the gym, and then had a Russian lesson with Lera at Troubadours.

I took Babe for an afternoon stroll, and then Sharon and I went down to Playhouse Square, where we had dinner with Allen, Sarah, and her folks, before heading over to the State theatre to view Andy’s “Phantom of the Opera”.

six for supper
six for supper

Thursday 7 July 2016: progress in the garage and ballroom dancing!

new hangers for our bikes
new hangers for our bikes

Our contractor Paul Sedar came over and we installed the new bike lifts in the garage.

I studied for my Russian lesson on Friday.

We had a dance lesson with Julie: foxtrot,rumba, mambo, and night club two step!

Supper was leftovers.