Friday 17 June 2016: Memories are made of this…

Jen, Katie, Mason, and Carson
Jen, Katie, Mason, and Carson

We got up early to take Rhoda (2015 Mini Cooper S Roadster) to GKS polishing for detailing, and then we had a big breakfast at Pekins Pancake House.

At  home, I watered all of the flower baskets and boxes, and also the fountain.

I did the dishes and cleaned in the kitchen: nothing makes the oven surface brighter than guests for supper!

We loaded two old end tables and a lamp into Vadim (2013 VW Tiguan), and donated them to Good Will in Avon, before heading to the Avon Wine store and then Heinen’s to shop: we are hosting dinner tonight for our Yoga teacher Katie, her two sons – Mason and Carson – and Jen – our former Yoga teacher. (Jen is becoming part of the Beautify Houston Program, and moving there at the end of this month…)

Back home, I picked up in some areas, and cleaned the bathrooms.

We went to pick up Rhoda from her spa day, and then Sharon stopped at Giant Eagle for the special burgers, while I got fresh ice.

Rhoda after her spa day.
Rhoda after her spa day.

The guests arrived, we opened the first bottle of wine, and I was persuaded to give a tour of our yard and recent upgrades.

Our Weber summit grille had its finest moment: it cooked burgers, fish, and hot dogs.  (I was ably assisted by Jen.)

Sharon, Jen, and Katie
Sharon, Jen, and Katie

Our dog Babe loves company!

Boy and dog
Boy and dog
Namaste and Nirvanah…
girl talk and parenting...
girl talk and parenting…
girl talk
girl talk with wine and cheese…
fibber: a game the whole family can play...
fibber: a game the whole family can play…

Jen’s boys loved sitting in Mini – our 1960 Austin 850.

they like the size!
they like the size!


the last to leave
the last to leave

Good food, great conversation, and outstanding company.

As the day drew to a close, we enjoyed the Indians walk off win, and Bill Maher.



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