Saturday 4*4=16: keeping the kitchen immaculate by eating out!

four at brunch!
four at brunch!

We have been planning to get together with our friends and super yogi’s Jen and Katie to celebrate their birthdays (were in March) and also Sharon’s radiant milestone.¬† I chose Fire, on Shaker Square, and all went very well!

We talked, learned, shared, sipped, ate, brunched and basked in a lovely atmosphere!

girl talk?
girl talk?
Sharon looks and feels better!
Sharon looks and feels much better!
The view from my chair
The view from my chair
can do candid
can do candid
Jen takes the pic
Jen takes the pic

The entire experience asymptoticly  approached perfection!

Four people on 4-4-16…

Sharon and I drove through University Circle, MLK parkway, and Edgewater on the way home.

I had a Russian lesson with Daniil.


Jamestown – in Avon Lake.

We conserved more dishes by having pizza delivered for dinner.

Friday 15 April 2015 – not taxing at all…

Rhoda on Xmas eve 2015 - about 12C.
Rhoda on Xmas eve 2015 – about 12C.

I trained at the gym- back and triceps – and then after refueling Rhoda, I drove to Airport MINI, where they replaced the off-side door mirror cover.

I then drove to the Westgate transit center, where I met Daniil, and went to Troubadours, for a lesson.

I had the hood down!

We ate at home.

Thursday 14 April 2016: A milestone

Harp/Flute concerto
Harp/Flute concerto – Mozart

Sharon and I drove to the Moll center, where she had her 30th and final radiation therapy!!!

baloons for Sharon from Allen and Sarah.
balloons for Sharon from Allen and Sarah.

We drove to our accountants in Sheffield to drop off signed tax forms, and then on to Heinen’s to shop for food.

Diner was at Washington Place in little Italy, and the concert at Severance Hall consisted of works by Haydn and Mozart.