Tuesday 12 April 2016: A beautiful day…

in the family room
Babe in the family room

I had a hair cut from the lovely Kim, and a dance lesson with the lovely Jullie: waltz, foxtrot, triple step swing, and tango.

Tango, without cash
Tango, without cash

Sharon went to a show with daughter in law Sarah and two others – Beautiful – http://www.cleveland-theater.com/theaters/palace-theater/beautiful-the-carole-king-musical.php?gclid=Cj0KEQjw3Le4BRDxx5bk4aDn9t4BEiQAfmxQGXKJ2L3Gn_89Y7BT2w5ULDsEhwNI4XYkH4hXp59gED0aAoFU8P8HAQ


I dropped Sharon off downtown, came home to eat and study, and when she called that she was in River, I took Babe in the car with me to pick her up.

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