22 March 2016 – Tuesday

Some of my friends at Dance Sport Cleveland...
Some of my friends at Dance Sport Cleveland…

I had a medical consultation with a surgeon,and then Sharon and I ate at Sorrento’s.

In the evening it was dance with the lovely miss Julie: waltz, foxtrot, triple time swing, and rumba, and then our Avon Lake Dems meeting.

Monday 21 March 2016: Yoga, and a celebration of life…

GN, Judy (widow), and I
GN, Judy (widow), and I

Katie came over for yoga

A high school contemporary – Jerry Hammerschmidt – long battle with Parkinsons disease came to an end, and in his suffering he was supported very much by his loving wife and family.

Jerry was a great person, and the Bay Methodist was filled to over flowing.

A celebration of life was held at the Copper Cup.

me, Jerry's son Jeff, and George.
me, Jerry’s son Jeff, and George.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams


A fine tribute for a fine human being…