Wednesday 2016-27-01: exercise; learning; and politics


I trained lower body at the gym, and then went to our weekly Lorain County Democrats grassroots  lunch, where it was decided that I will be the campaign manager for Kevin Watkinson for Ohio House.

I drove downtown for a Russian Lesson with Daniil, and then in the evening, we had a special Lorain County Democrats Executive meeting.

Sharon is in a low point of the 3 week chemo cycle…

Tuesday 2016-26-01: docs , dance, and politics.!

not strictly ballroom...
not strictly ballroom…

Because Sharon is having some skin issues, we had a 9 o’clock at the downtown clinic, and then they sent us to a 1:20 in Avon Lake.

I had a dance lesson with Julie: rumba;waltz;foxtrot; and swing!

Sharon cooked a steak for supper.

Avon Lake Dems monthly was at 7PM.

Monday means YOGA! 2016-25-01

down dog!
down dog – or is it UP butt?  (N.B.: our yogi is more attractive than the person depicted above…)

I cleaned up the house after all of the raucous weekend partying, and trained at the gym – chest and biceps primary.

The most lovely Katie came over for fabulous yoga, and I shared smoothie with her.

She called me a ‘bendy wendy’, so I’ll cross that off the bucket list!

I had an appointment with my neuorogist – Dr. Suse.