Thursday 21-01-2016: chemo


Today was chemo 3.0 for Sharon: all went smoothly – only one more left

We left home 0653, drove through local Scottish restaurant for in car breakfast and arrived at Cleveland Clinic main campus at 0742.

There are 3 stages: test & some meds; see oncologist; and then the procedure.

(We saw our oncologist, who made a change to her cocktail…)

Afterwards (2ish) we had lunch at Beardens – food did not taste right to poor Sharon, but was fine for me!  We arrived back home at 1541 and Babe (our rescue/therapy/companion/adult dog) did well in her crate!

Sharon was upbeat, and the staff and facilities fab at the clinic.

Forecast for the next three weeks: down, then up, then one more time
I studied cosmology, mathematical physics, web development and took a coffee break during the drips.

That the nurses wear protective clothing to guard themselves from the chemicals which go directly into her blood stream still gives me pause…

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