Saturday 16 January 2016:politics and British Cars!

Mini on 4 Nov 2015 after about 5-10 km cruise
Mini on 4 Nov 2015 after about 5-10 km cruise

In the afternoon, I went to an organizing rally for Bernie!


185 people attended the event.

In the Evening, we had our annual Lorain County British car club holiday party at Sweetbriar Country Club.



lb165 lb163


Sharon and I continued to take down the decorations.  She is better, but we go back to chemo on thursday.

Friday 15 Jan 2016


Much warmer!

We had lunch at the Winking Lizzard in Avon, and then went over to Key bank to order checks.  The person who helped me was the lovely Rebecca Sinram, who had Sharon as a teacher in high school, and was a childhood friend of Katie – our yogi: Small World.

We then went to the Backpackers shop and purchased me weather gear:Arcteyrx.

We shopped for groceries at Heinens, and mad a stop at CVS.

Wore my new gear when walking the Babe!