Wednesday 28 October 2015: A day to Remember…

My first yoga teacher, who taught me to breath...
My first yoga teacher, who taught me to breath…

Today my wife Sharon is scheduled for surgery at the Clinic.  We got up early, travelled through heavy rain, and got there at 0800 – late – but things went forward.

When Sarah, Allen and I were i the pre surgery room with Sharon, I joked with the nurses.  “Are these the responsible adults who are going to take you home?”  One asked.  “Don’t worry”, I replied, “We have a party bus!”

She went into surgery at 1045: we waited and worried: Allen and Sarah were great support.

At 2pm I was paged to a room for doctor consultation, and was immersed in anxiety, so I tried yoga breathing: it worked.  What helped even more was the sight of Dr. Robyn Stewart walking in with a big smile: “Every thing went as well as could be expected!”.

We packed up, and at 5pm brought her home: long day.

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