Friday 21 August 2015: under pressure, and Yoga helps

Our Yogi
Our Yogi

On Thursday, the tyre pressure warning light came on for Rhoda (2015 MINI Cooper S Roadster) – left rear.

I checked, and all four tyres were low, but that the lowest.  I set them all to 3.0 atmospheres, and went to the gym, where I trained back and shoulders.

Back home, the most lovely Katie arrived for Yoga, which – as always – was terrific!

I checked the left rear (on Rhoda, not Katie), and the pressure had dropped 20%, so we dropped the car off at Conrads in Avon Lake.

We shopped for food at Pickerings and then Heinens, and on our way home, we got a call from Conrad’s that the tyre could and was repaired, so we collected her.

We grilled out, watched the games, and Bill on the telly.

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