Monday 15 June 2015: the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta

Game Postponed ??
Game Postponed ??  Weather?

We got up, with plans to see the Indians-Cubs game that evening.

We ate breakfast, and walked down S. Michigan to the Art Institute, where we enjoyed many exhibits, and ate lunch at Terzo Piano, which was good.

cubism - hot!
cubism – hot!
non gothic
non gothic
very American Gothic
very American Gothic
my kind of town...
my kind of town…
a precursor?
a precursor of Stephan Hawking?
Not SH
Not SH

We waited out rain, and walked back to our hotel.

Sat in the bar, and cheered when the game was called.

The local pro ice hockey team won the NHL title, which seemed to please the provincials.

Dinner was at 720 South (in house)



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