June 7:Victory at Ft. Meigs!

at Ft. Meigs Car Show
at Ft. Meigs Car Show

(Note BD on Back Shelf!)

I arose at 6:15 in the AM, made a few last minute preps, and drove to Oberlin to meet a few LOCO brits for the trip to the British car show at Ft. Meigs, near Toledo.

convoy from Oberlin
convoy from Oberlin


A stop at McDonald's in Clyde OH.
A stop at McDonald’s in Clyde OH.

We took US20 – 55-65 MPH, cruising a few towns and the mostly flat farm land of northwest Ohio.

The show was at a nice park like location, and many non British Car people showed up to spectate – many fine conversations!

at Ft. Meigs
at Ft. Meigs

A new record was set when a 6’6″ man sat in Mini!

new record for Mini: 6'6" man sets in car!
new record for Mini: 6’6″ man sets in car!

We took first!

With the trophy
With the trophy

Three club members took first, and one won an award of distinction.

Patty and Stacy
Patty and Stacy

The cruise back home was great!

I met Sharon at Heck’s for a little victory celebration.

Back home, I enjoyed the Cavs win: a good day.


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