sunday 31 may 2015: learning and eating


We had brunch at the new Hecks in Avon.

I studied Russian and Physics, and then had a Russian Lesson with Daniil at Troubadours.

For dinner, I carried in Chinese.

Phil Cosby told a joke in the 1960’s that where he lived, everyone could vote, but they had to first pass a test in the Russian language, and nuclear physics: if you passed, you were then arrested on suspicion of being a spy…

(N.B.: Phil Cosby is under suspicion today, but not for spying).

Saturday the 2nd Last day In May 2015: Gordon Square

mini and rhoda at beardens

Old and new: 1960 and 2015

In the morning, we had our Monthly Mensa Brunch at Latitude41N, in Gordon Square

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Lovely Lyn
Lovely Lyn
Larry and Cherie
Larry and Cherie

I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubadour in Fairview Park.


Dinner was with Dave and Sherrie, at Luxe in Gordon Square.