20 May: rather busy and varied

brads boat - I am varnishing
brads boat – I am varnishing

I left early, stopped at an ATM, and then off to a UPS store to return (computer) memory.
After training legs, shoulders, etc at gym, I went to our weekly Dem lunch.  Hurried back home, and went to a lawyer appointment to check on our will.  Then it was down in the Valley to work on Brad’s boat.
We ate dinner at Jake’s, and then I went to a political meeting: non stop from 9:30 am to 9:30 PM.

Back home, I studied Russian,  enjoyed the cavs and indians victories, and enjoyed the Last Letterman.

Tuesday 19 May 2015: the calm before the storm

The first car I owned - Fiat 1500
The first car I owned – Fiat 1500

I worked a bit on Mini, and blogged.
We had lunch at red robin, and then we met Brad by his boat: he showed me how to varnish the deck rail’

Dinner was at  burntwood tavern, after Brad.