Tuesday 25 Nov 2014: gym, doc, dance

Ballroom music
Ballroom music

We got up at our campsite, got ready, and went home, to learn that at 3am the trees had been cut off the wires.

step 1 - cut off of the wires
step 1 – cut off of the wires

I went to the gym, saw my PCP, and then we had (finally my foot is ready!) a great lesson with Julie, ate at Jakes, and went camping again in Westlake, where we watched the finals of DWTS

I studied Quantum Physics (bra kets)

Monday 24 Nov 2014: back to the gym, and then treed

I went back to the gym, saw my foot doc, and she removed my stitches.

Back home, I ate leftovers, and then heard a CRASH in the back yard:

Large tree down in back yard.
Large tree down in back yard.

The power was out, so I had a Russian lesson, we went to the Hampton inn in Westlake, and ate at Bob Evans.

51 years after: 22 Nov 2014

at Salom Dave's with Lynn and Brad
at Salmon  Dave’s with Lynn and Brad

I studied Russian and General Relativity, and organized in the den. and

I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubadors, and we had a lovely supper at Salmon Daves with Brad and Lynn.

(N.B.: 2014 – 51 = 1963.  On 22 Nov 1963, the President was assassinated.)



Friday 21 November 2014: A dose of the clap, and two new books!

Last  year I bought 3 clappers (turn on/office appliances with a double clap) for Sharon, and today we installed the second in the bedroom – so she can turn out the bedside lamp.

I studied Russian, and my check for the election day help from the BOE arrived!

We went to Crocker Park, bought new clothes for me at Banana Republic and Shoes for Sharon at Clarks.  At B&N, I spend my pay on new w8 and  Russian books.
We had dinner at ccf.