Monday 10 November 2014: one foot in


Jen came over, and I was yoga.
After that, Sharon and I had lunch at the vintage cafe.

Today I had my regular appointment with my chiropodist, in which:

o  She did the 10 week adjustment on the length of my toenails

o removed a small growth on the arch of my foot.

I expected the procedure to be trivial, but after she was finished, she said

o keep off of it until you see me on monday

o don’t change the dressing until then

o Bad News:

– no ACLU mtg tonight

– no post election meeting Tuesday

– no ballroom dance lesson Thursday 13 Nov

– no yoga for me Monday 17 Nov
– only seated exercises until then.

my left foot
my left foot

o Good News:

–   limited housework

–   I am the proud owner of 30 brand new, never used
                oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325
             – learning is facilitated


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