Saturday 4 Oct 2014: On the way to Rome

Our first motel
Our first motel

We packed Rhoda for a 10 day trip!


We had breakfast in Avon Lake, filled up with Shell premium, and set out on I-90, through NE Ohio, NE PA, and onto the NY Throughway.


Near Erie


At a plaza in NY.

We arrived at our motel in Rome, and ate dinner locally.

At coal yard charlies
At coal yard charlies


Sharon and I at Coalyard Charlies (where bloody mary’s are served in a daiquiri glass…

From Avon Lake to the motel, we averaged 38.2 mpg!


Friday 3 Oct 2014: Getting ready

At Allen and Sarah's
At Allen and Sarah’s

I went to the gym, where I trained back and triceps, and after lunch, got a massage fro Tennie at EMH.
We drove Rhoda to Airport MINI, where we dropped off the 2nd key to Conrad, and then through a torrential rain to Allen and Sarah’s, where we took care of the cats.

We had dinner at the market, and got ready for our trip.