25 August 2014: exercise, administrivia, and fine dining.

At Pier W
At Pier W

I trained chest and biceps at the gym, and then ate leftovers for lunch, before heading over for an appointment with Dr. Moya.
I sent out some emails, and prepped for my life coach session on tuesday.

We went over to Allen and Sarah’s for wine, and then went to Pier W to celebrate her birthday.

Sharon's feast
Sharon’s feast

After dinner menu:


24 August 2014: learning, eating, grilling, and washing.

A.J.'s Urban Grille
A.J.’s Urban Grille

I studied Russian, and had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Starbucks.
Sharon and I had brunch at the urban grille in Westlake – http://www.ajsurbangrill.com/, and we shopped at Heinen’s in Bay.

We grilled out, and I did the dishes (as usual) afterward.