Saturday August 9, 2014: Shopping; Learning; Dining

MTTS ends today...
MTTS ends today…

I went to Dick’s at Crocker Park, and got a heart rate monitor to use on my exercycle.  I had time, so I sat and read the directions, as I admired the scenery…

Speaking of which, as I was leaving, I saw a lovely – if somewhat underfed – young woman at a sidewalk kiosk, selling portable iPhone chargers: a handy product.  The one a bought is gold, can charge a phone 100%, is about the size of a mascara wand, and was $20 off.

I had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubadours, which went well.

We went to dinner at Cowell and Hubbard on Playhouse Square with Dave and Sherrie:

o Location A+

o cusine A

o Service B+


A fine time for all


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