5 August 2014:Exercise, and something new, something old…


At the gym, I trained chest and biceps primary, ate leftovers at home, and prepared for the next phase of my life: my Life Coach – Melissa McCutcheon – with whom I met at Panera in North Olmsted for two hours: it was very beneficial, to say the least.

I also had addressed several issues on which I had been procrastinating, and – after Sharon and I ate at Jakes – I phone banked for our Democrat candidates from 7 until 9.
Mind, body, others…

4 August 2014: Yoga, neuorologist, and moving on…

Inner Bliss
Inner Bliss

My yoga instructor Jen came over and worked on my inner bliss..

We ate lunch at the Vintage Cafe.

I had an appointment with a neurologist, who remember that in the hospital I had told him I practiced yoga, and he encouraged  me to do so.  He also released me to engage in other activities.

After the appointment, we shopped for food at Heinen’s and Pickering Hill Farm, in preparation for cooking out .

After that, I read some history, and prepared for my meeting on Tuesday with my new Life Coach.