July 8-11:two steps back, one forward.

my hand set up for an IV - never got.
my hand set up for an IV – never got.

On Tuesday 8-7-14, I felt numb on my whole right side, so I decided to see my PCP.

They did blood work, an EKG, and 3 MRI’s: no problems found (except sinus infection).  He suggest I be admitted to a hospital for observation, so I checked into EMH, where I stayed the night of the 8th and the 9th.  An ultra scan on my carotid veins, an echo cardiogram, and a bubble test found no issues: I was discharged on the 10th – one new med.

Back home, recovering slowly: numbness slowly decreasing.

N.B.: I did carefully observe a select subset of the staff.


One thought on “July 8-11:two steps back, one forward.

  1. sorry you had to go through all of that, but I guess the good thing is that everything is clear! Although what reason did they give you for the right sided numbness? i would think a CT scan would have picked up a TIA (mini stroke) if it occurred. Did they suggest anything else? Where you able to move the right side or just felt numbness? Best wishes. patricia


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