26-30 June 2014: Recovery Stage I

10489860_10152328622528197_2636456043973423775_nN.B.: Our Russian trip was June 11-26, see


Thursday 26-6-14

On our first day back, starting at 2am when we got back home, I began work on the above post, went to CVS for prescriptions.
I planned to take Mini to Mid-ohio on the week end, and began prep.  Our Hot Water  Tank had gone out.

Friday 27-6-14

I had a meeting with Daniil to review our trip, got a hair cut from Kim at headquarters, and worked a bit on Mini, but then made the decision that I could not make it to Mid-Ohio.

Sat 28-6-14

We got back to a more normal life, with breakfast at Perkins, and shopped at Heinen’s for food.
I worked on the blog, and continued to recover.
We grilled burgers at home.

Sunday 29-6-14

A quiet day -I worked on the blog, studied Russian, and we grilled brats.

Monday 30-6-14

I finished and posted the blog: 100 hits first day.

Coming down with cold, and we ate Chinese which I carried in.



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