Thursday 5 June 2014: From a home made smoothie to a well executed supper


I made a smoothie in my Vitamix.

We prepped¬† for the cleaners, and then had lunch at Panera in Avon, and shopped at Heinen’s – food.
I studied Russian, and we weeded in the back yard.
We had dinner with Sarah and Allen at crop bistro.

Allen, I, Sharon, Sarah at Crop Bistro
Allen, I, Sharon, Sarah at Crop Bistro

Wednesday 4 June 2014: Valerie’s birthday

I celebrated my daughter’s birthday by going to the gym – hips, thighs, glutes, shoulders, and forearms, then it was off to our weekly dem lunch in Sheffield Village.

We organized clothing, taking some to the dry cleaners, and discarding others to a thrift shop.

Dinner was left overs, I studied Russian, and rode the bike for 30 minutes.

Stayed up to see the end of the Indians game – 2am – and a good end it was.