Monday 2 June 2014:three forms of exercise!

Corporate America
Corporate America


The day began with Yoga with Jen, and then it was to the gym for 44 sets on chest, core, calves, wrists and biceps.

Lunch was leftover spaghetti, and after some computer work, I rested.

Dinner was carried in Chinese, and I rode my bike for 30 minutes, 7.6 miles.

June is here: Russian, rest, and organization…

Last day for Peet's
Last day for Peet’s

I studied Russian, did the dishes, and Sharon and I went to Athena for brunch.

More studying, and then I went to Peet’s for a last time- closing today.

Lesson went well:

Daniil at Peet's - last day it was open 1 June 2014.
Daniil at Peet’s – last day it was open 1 June 2014.

The lesson went well, and we will miss the friendly staff.


Back Home, I studied, and we went out to eat at Outback.