Thursday 22 May 2014: Russian, Hair, Fine dinning, and an Opera, all in one day!

I studied Russian, completing my assignment, then I went to HQ, where the lovely Kim most attentively cut my copious curls

Kim and other staff from HQ
Kim (head tilted, background),and other staff from HQ

I studied more and rested, and then we had dinner at the Clifton Avenue Martini and Wine Bar, and then headed over to Severance Hall, for a Performance of the Opera “Cunning Little Vixen”.

Before the concert began...
Before the concert began…

The opera was very interesting, with fantastic graphics on 3 giant screens.

giant screens in place
giant screens in place

As we were leaving the event, we ran into Valerie’s Dressage friend Kathy Rizzoni – small world.

I rode my bike for 30 minutes, and enjoyed the 13 inning victory – on the road!


Wednesday 21 May: exercise, nostalgia, and politics

Reunion planning Case Tech class of 1964
Reunion planning Case Tech class of 1964

At gym I trained legs and shoulders, and then it was off to Independence for a Case Tech class of 64 reunion meeting.

Back home, I studied Russian, we had dinner at Jake’s, and I went to a political meeting.

We enjoyed the Indian’s great 13 inning victory over Detroit.