Sunday 18 May 2014: good learning; bad dinning

Peet's Coffee and Tea in Avon
Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Avon


I arose, made breakfast (reheated leftovers), and Studied Russian.

For lunch it was reheated leftovers, and then off to pick up prescriptions at CVS before my Russian Lesson with Daniil at Peet’s, which went well.

I reviewed my lesson, and then we decided to revisit an old favorite for supper: Sweet Mellia’s

 in River.   Our experience was sub optimal:

o The hostess – filling a carry out order -ignored us, saying (reluctantly, after a few minutes of watching us stand there) that she would be with us soon – just before we went across the street.  She should have said that as soon as we arrived, and we should have gone across the street.

o She then – displaying the warmth normally reserved for lepers -seated us at a table that was filthy.

o Some of the silverware eventually placed on the table was unclean.

o Our favorite item on the menu – chicken noodle soup – has been dropped.

o The young woman who waited on us was friendly, but ordered me a roast beef instead of a corned beef, lengthening our dine.

o The customary water bottle was never given to us.

 o The insipid interruption of our meal by a QA supervisor did not happen – one time when we needed it.

No, it was not crowded; yes I left more than 25%, never is our next time back, and have a Nice Day!

Watching Cosmos made the week end on a high note.


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